Pride or Faith

Temptation Returned

The Story


In the darkness of the deep night a devout old priest prays for forgiveness from someone that he believes is no longer alive.  A young priest struggles with questions of faith and love.  A young woman fights with her sense of right and wrong in an effort to be happy for the first time in her life.

In another part of town a creature of the night returns to the city of St. Louis in search of revenge.   She will stop at nothing to achieve her goals and destroy the priest that had come so very close to destroying her so long ago.  

Thus it begins anew, the cycle of conflict and terror between good and evil. 

Follow along with me as I work to bring this novel together and create a story of Love, pride, faith, and loss.   


New Readers

To all new readers:

First I welcome and thank you for taking the time to look at my site.  I am a first time author that is working on the development of a Gothic Horror novel.  As I write chapters they will be posted on this site for people to read and enjoy.   I appreciate any and all feedback as long as it is constructive.  

It is my sincere hope that as you follow along you will come to love these characters as I have.  

Remember that, despite the religious over tones, this is a horror novel and as such will contain both violence and sexual situations.  If this in any way offends you then do not proceed to the story page.  If it does not offend then join me as I try my hand at weaving a story of horror and intrigue. 

Though I deem it unlikely to come up, I will ask that anyone that wishes to copy my work on their website or use it in anyway please do so ONLY after permission is granted by me.

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